An Introduction

I feel strangely compelled at the inception of this blog to pontificate a la a dedication of a new monument or the groundbreaking for a new hospital. Since I don’t have any hopes for this blog in a commercial sense I must admit right now that this blog, and what I write, isn’t really for you the reader. It’s for me. In part it’s a kind of therapy. It’s the outlet for all those things, that because of concern for people’s sensibilities and my sense of what constitutes politeness, I have left unsaid. It’s also, one day, for my children. A kind of legacy I leave them so that they may know more about my life’s journey one day.

It is also for much more frivolous purposes, such as the desire to share knowlege and  amusement. I like to think of myself as a life-long learner and a hearty laugher, and Mom always said to share. I have many interests, across the breadth of the human experience, and I considered creating single blogs for each interest area, but decided against it for practical reasons. I also considered segregating just one of my interests into it’s own blog, as you’ll see below. But in the end I decided that there was something extremely poignant about the reasons for that that would make this blog stronger if I kept it all together. One of the best ways to combat prejudice is to not allow yourself to be pigeonholed. For that reason I wanted to present my joyous, chaotic, sad, real life in it’s entirety, so that those that have a tendency to apply labels and discriminate based on those labels may be given pause to question their prejudices.

Many Hats

I am many different things to different people. I am a husband, a father, a son. I am a geek, an athlete, a philosopher. I am a teacher, a student, an observer. I am an entrepreneur, a homeowner, a taxpayer, and a voter. I am even a god… to my dogs. All of these different roles, and more, make for a complex existence, I’ll admit, but such is life. It’s complex, there’s no manual (despite claims to the contrary) and we all just have to do the best we can as we go along. I plan to chronicle my attempts, and failures, to do my best in each of my roles. I doubt that anyone will find everything I choose to write about interesting. But if our interests happen to overlap now and again it’d be my pleasure to share that portion of life’s voyage with you.

One Mask

One of the specific topics that I desire to blog about is the conflict between science and religion in the United States and around the world. If you read my posts on the subject you will soon find that I have a very dim view of people who base important life decisions, such as who to vote for, on the advancement of their particular factually-anemic ideology. I believe that the repercussions of such decision making can be devastating, not just for the ideologues themselves, but for the entire planet, animals, minerals, and vegetables. I intend to call, as forcefully as I am able, for fact-based public policy as well as an end to the superstitions that have plagued humanity for long enough. In other words, I am setting myself up squarely in opposition to Jerry Falwell and his ilk. I couldn’t disagree with him and the movement he founded more.

Unfortunately, given the current state of the “culture war” in this country, voicing my opinion on these matters publicly could have potentially nasty consequences for my family, some of whom share my opinions and some of whom don’t, so out of respect for them I must don the mask. Also, as of this writing, I am engaged in a job search and knowing that my name is being googled by recipients of my résumé I think it wise to avoid making myself a target of discrimination. So, for the time being, at least, I will simply sign my posts “Many Hats”.

In the end though, I guess it comes down to the simple desire to add my voice to the blogospheric cacophony, to share my prespective, to shout a mighty “Yopp!,” and perhaps to hear an answer back. I hope you enjoy my perspective, and please feel free to point out where I’m wrong.

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