Evidence of speciation

Many creationists like to claim that “we’ve never seen one species come from another species; when a human is born to a chimp I’ll believe evolution,” in what they believe to be a knock-down argument against evolution. Obviously this claim is indicative of a fundamental misunderstanding of the process of speciation, but I’ll let that pass for now. What is really more important to the debate is that this claim is actually flatly false. We have indeed witnessed speciation numerous times.

Here’s an interesting article about an instance of observed speciation in Galapagos finches from Wired Magazine: Birth of New Species Witnessed by Scientists

Creationist mistake #1A

In addition to the common misstatement that science believes that everything was created from nothing magically I’d have to say the the creationist mistake that bugs me the most is the insistence on the misuse of the term “theory”. While it is true that the word “theory” has come to be synonymous in common language with “conjecture” this is not the definition used by the scientific community. Allow me to clarify… Continue reading

Creationist mistake #1

We frequently hear creationists assert that we evolutionists believe that “everything came from nothing”. Here’s a fun(di) site. Apparently magically. Nothing could be further from the truth. While a quantum physicist, or even a good astronomy textbook, could provide a more thorough explanation I’ll take a crack at a basic explanation here. Continue reading