Disparate Doctrines: Two Faiths in Conflict

I just ran across this Newsweek article from back in December. I’m not sure why it was published in December. I mean, it could have been relevant and interesting back during the Republican primaries with Mitt Romney in the race. It points out some of the primary differences between Evangelical Christianity and the Church of Latter-Day Saints. The article is short but there are a ton of comments. I was amused to see all the various xtian sects chiming in pointing fingers at the others for not believing the “right” unsubstantiated bullshit. It’s quite humorous. I had to post an atheist perspective since no one else had before me. What a bunch of bafoons! It’s simply incredible how much effort they put into their beliefs, given the complete lack of evidence for it. Either one accepts the bible as a reliable source, or one doesn’t. I guess I’ve just read too many books to see the bible as anything special.