To Massachusetts Swing Voters

As an independent voter who agrees with that portion of the Progressive agenda that seems well supported by facts I appeal to the undecided and independent voters of The Commonwealth to not fill Teddy’s seat with a Republican. If you are considering voting for the Republican candidate, Scott Brown, allow me to point out that as reasonable as he may seem now he will surely be subsumed into the national Republican madness. Republicans serving at the state level are allowed the freedom to vote their consciences and make decisions based on facts, at least part of the time. For this reason it may be tempting to those who favor conservative economic policies, and still believe that Republicans have any interest in delivering on this part of their platform, to vote for Mr. Brown. Aside from his comments which show him to be appealing to the worst in voters by toeing the national Republican party line regarding health care reform, I believe you should most seriously consider the condition of national politics before voting for any Republican. In the current situation there is only one Republican senator who dares vote against the party line if she decides that the facts don’t support it, Olympia Snowe of Maine. Every other Republican senator votes with the party line every time regardless of the facts involved in any individual vote. This behavior by Republican senators is reprehensible in the extreme. They have ceased to represent their constituents and now solely represent their campaign donors.

Regardless of how reasonable Mr. Brown’s decisions may have been (I have no idea not living there or knowing anything about him) while serving in the state senate he will quickly be absorbed into the senate Republican caucus and that will be the end of him representing your interests. From that point forward he will vote with the increasingly more extreme platform of the national republican party as represented by such luminaries as Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and Michael Steele. I’m not appealing to those voters who believe that Bill O’Reilly, Glen Beck, and Ann Coulter have more than two brain cells between them. If you can’t see through their transparent selfishness, fear, greed, and paranoia… well I can’t help you. Try a psychiatrist. If however, you’re not a Fox News fan and just would really like to see this country turn away from debt spending, I’m talking to you. I’ll not debate which party is more likely to reduce the national debt in this article; it deserves a whole post, or ten, of its own. Just know that a vote for Mr. Brown would be a vote for the politics of fear, mis-aimed preemptive military strikes, trading hard won civil liberties in exchange for the appearances of security, theocratic tendencies, and denial of existence of empirical facts. Martha Coakley may not be an adequate replacement for Teddy Kennedy but your interests are a damn sight more likely to be represented by her than they are by Scott Brown who has sold his soul to the RNC.